Monday, 29 October 2007

Thing 17 (I thnk)

OK - I skipped a few. But I have just been told that my son has his video on YouTube. I searched using a variety of possible tags - and finally found a lot of videos about 'beretta' (he's just joined a pistol club). Scrolling through I spotted a familiar looking silhouette. Sure enough, it was Mark rapid firing the beretta.

So, following Helen's Blowers' instructions I have uploaded the video for all to see.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Thing 7

Hmm! A post about anything technological!!

I went on to the SitePal site, and began to sign up for a free trail. Didn't proceed though, because I just know I will forget to cancel before 15 days are up, and I wasn't prepared to take the chance that I was going to be billed for the next month - even if it was only $US9.95. I don't really like sites that offer things for free, and then want your credit card details! One of the 'wonders' of technology I guess.
Talking about the wonders of technology - Junita, my hospitality trainer has been venturing into the world of on-line delivery. We have been taking part in the AccessACE trial project. Session 1 went faitrly smoothly - but each session after that the technology let us down a bit. Some people had real trouble with audio. But I'm really pleased to say that the glitches didn't deter the participants - they perservered. Thanks guys! Your SFH certificate will be in the mail soon!


Trying Again

Southern Cemetery O L C E G

Let's see if this fits across the page in one line

Spell with Flickr

Southern Cemetery O L C E G

I had previously discovered something like this, but nothing to do with Flickr, and it didn't give as many options for choosing the letters you like etc. This is great, and so easy to use.

Jan and Squawky

Jan and Squawky, originally uploaded by janroberts53.

Ok - It has taken me a long time to get around to working through some more of the 23 Things. I have actually created a Flickr account some weeks ago - but hadn't managed to look closely at the Flickr 'Thing'. So, I've uploaded this image directly from Flickr into my blog. It shows our hand-reared Rainbow Lorikeet Squawky (for obvious reasons) trying to listen in on my conversation. We've had him since about March, when he was a tiny bundle of grey fluff rescued from a fallen tree. He is a delight and keeps us amused with his antics.


Saturday, 1 September 2007

Bill and Salty

Bill and Salty
Originally uploaded by janroberts53
OK - so I needed another photo so I could get some more screen shots! These are the two males in my life - husband Bill and spoilt rotten dog Salty Dog.

Squawky Bird

Squawky Bird, originally uploaded by janroberts53.

Nothing to do with 23 Things - but I've been working through a 'How To Add a Flickr photo your Blog' and I needed a photo to add!

This is our Squawky Bird - rescued when he had only downy fluff after a tree blew down. We've had him for about five months now - and he is a (noisy) delight.

Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Another way to add a picture from Flickr

This was in the middle of the floods. I right clicked ont his image in Flickr, and saved the image. Then I went to my new post, clicked the image icon, and chose to add image from my computer - found the image I'd just saved and clicked upload image. Clicked DONE, and it took me back to my post.
Only thing, I'm not sure how I got this text (above) underlined - I certainly couldn't get rid of the underline. I'll have to work on that!

More like DeadClassroom!

More like DeadClassroom!
Originally uploaded by bolceg
Ok - it looks like I can't actually add a Flickr photo to any old post - I have to create a new post from within Flickr. But that's OK.

Denece and I Have Been Visiting!

A fantastic day today. I visited Gayle at Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House today, then met up with Denece at Buchan. I walked Gayle through the concept of our project - she hasn't been able to join us to date, but if the interest of her volunteers is anything to go by I think they'll soon be working their way through the 23 Things.
Darryl and Ev have been trying hard to get into the 23 Things - but have had a few technical difficulties. I think we sorted out some of them today - but guess what, we ran into another one. We came up against a problem regarding pop-ups when we were running the LiveClassroom Setup Wizard. Ev is going to see if their IT guru can sort it out.
I'm drowning in log-ins and passwords - so I'm trying to consolidate a few so I can use the same one. I must find out a bit more about OpenID - that might solve some of my problems.
Just going to try to add a photo from my Flickr account to this page.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Web 2.0 even makes the cartoons

This was in today's Herald-Sun. No further comment needed!

Sunday, 15 July 2007

71/2 Habits!

Habit 1: Begin with the end in mind

Habit 2: Accept responsibility for your own learning

Habit 3: View problems as challenges

Habit 4: Have confidence in yourself as a competent, effective learner

Habit 5: Create your own learning toolbox

Habit 6: Use technology to your advantage

Habit 7: Teach/mentor others

Habit 7 ½: Play

I actually think I do pretty well with regard to these habits. I have always believed in myself as a learner; I certainly accept responsibility for my own learning; it is part of my philospohy of life that problems are challenges - and in relation to technology it has always been the way I have tackled new software and or hardware. I regard myself as a problem solver - let's face it my hobbies include genealogy, crossword puzzles, cryptic crosswords, jigsaws etc. So I feel very comforatable with the 71/2 habits.
The best thing of all is that I can give myself permission to 'play' - without feeling guilty!

Thursday, 5 July 2007

Neither flood nor technical difficulties will stop us!

Oh Boy! We survived our introductory PD / launch three weeks ago, and were all set for our leap into the unknown (for some anyway) with an introduction to "23 Things" last Thursday - 28th June. But then the heavens opened and by Wednesday morning it was looking very risky to have participants travelling from all corners of East Gippsland. They might have arrived in Bairnsdale - but would be unlikely to get home again! So we made the decision to postpone until today. Just as well - practically every river in East Gippsland burst its banks by Thursday morning. The highway into Bairnsdale from far east Gippsland was completely cut by mid-afternoon. Of course, had we been further down the track with our project we would have been able to have an on-line PD day!
Today Denece and I were joined by 15 participants from 9 participating organisations. We spent the first session being enthused by Lynette Lewis and Denise McLarty from Yarra Plenty Library. They delivered a wonderful session about 'Learning 2.0'.
After a morning tea which included lots of networking we went back to tackle the first of the 23 Things. This involved viewing an on-line tutorial by Helen Blowers ('inventor' of the 23 Things concept) outlining the 71/2 Habits of Highly Successful Lifelong Learners. So far so good.
The second Thing is to create your own blog. Fingers crossed that the technology would work. We had 15 people trying to access the same website via a single wireless internet connection. And that wasn't counting the Community College staff who might also have been trying to access the internet! But all seemed to be OK, and everyone was soon creating - in most instances - their first blog. As Denise McLarty said later "there was a real energy in the room'.
Don't know where the morning went, but it was soon lunch time. Despite being told that there was hot food awaiting them we virtually had to drag people away from their blogs. Enthusiasm IS catchy!
During the afternoon session we weren't so lucky with technology. The idea was to log everyone on to LiveClassroom for a 'test run' before the participants had to tackle it in the comfort of their own community in a couple of weeks. Well, the wireless connection decided it was all just too much - a bit like trying to get on the freeway when four lanes become two! We were able to take the participants through the LiveClassroom interface, and explain the various features - and convince them that it really would work on the night!
Lovely to see that during the hiatus while we tried to sort out the technical problems everyone went back to their blog! (It seemed to be LiveClassroom that caused a problem, the blogs just slowed down a bit.)
I don't know whether I should add that Lynette, Denise, Denece and myself were on such a high about the positive reactions from all participants - despite the technical glitches - that we were still talking about it all 5 hours later after a couple of glasses of good wine and a lovely meal at a local tavern. But we were, so I will!
Next step is for Denece and myself to visit each community to talk with other interested people and assist with technicalities if necessary.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

I've completed task 3

Well, I've finally got around to working through the 23 Things! Although I had created a blog previously - two in fact - I decided to create another one specifically for 23 Things.