Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Another way to add a picture from Flickr

This was in the middle of the floods. I right clicked ont his image in Flickr, and saved the image. Then I went to my new post, clicked the image icon, and chose to add image from my computer - found the image I'd just saved and clicked upload image. Clicked DONE, and it took me back to my post.
Only thing, I'm not sure how I got this text (above) underlined - I certainly couldn't get rid of the underline. I'll have to work on that!

More like DeadClassroom!

More like DeadClassroom!
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Ok - it looks like I can't actually add a Flickr photo to any old post - I have to create a new post from within Flickr. But that's OK.

Denece and I Have Been Visiting!

A fantastic day today. I visited Gayle at Lakes Entrance Neighbourhood House today, then met up with Denece at Buchan. I walked Gayle through the concept of our project - she hasn't been able to join us to date, but if the interest of her volunteers is anything to go by I think they'll soon be working their way through the 23 Things.
Darryl and Ev have been trying hard to get into the 23 Things - but have had a few technical difficulties. I think we sorted out some of them today - but guess what, we ran into another one. We came up against a problem regarding pop-ups when we were running the LiveClassroom Setup Wizard. Ev is going to see if their IT guru can sort it out.
I'm drowning in log-ins and passwords - so I'm trying to consolidate a few so I can use the same one. I must find out a bit more about OpenID - that might solve some of my problems.
Just going to try to add a photo from my Flickr account to this page.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

Web 2.0 even makes the cartoons

This was in today's Herald-Sun. No further comment needed!