Monday, 29 October 2007

Thing 17 (I thnk)

OK - I skipped a few. But I have just been told that my son has his video on YouTube. I searched using a variety of possible tags - and finally found a lot of videos about 'beretta' (he's just joined a pistol club). Scrolling through I spotted a familiar looking silhouette. Sure enough, it was Mark rapid firing the beretta.

So, following Helen's Blowers' instructions I have uploaded the video for all to see.

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Thing 7

Hmm! A post about anything technological!!

I went on to the SitePal site, and began to sign up for a free trail. Didn't proceed though, because I just know I will forget to cancel before 15 days are up, and I wasn't prepared to take the chance that I was going to be billed for the next month - even if it was only $US9.95. I don't really like sites that offer things for free, and then want your credit card details! One of the 'wonders' of technology I guess.
Talking about the wonders of technology - Junita, my hospitality trainer has been venturing into the world of on-line delivery. We have been taking part in the AccessACE trial project. Session 1 went faitrly smoothly - but each session after that the technology let us down a bit. Some people had real trouble with audio. But I'm really pleased to say that the glitches didn't deter the participants - they perservered. Thanks guys! Your SFH certificate will be in the mail soon!


Trying Again

Southern Cemetery O L C E G

Let's see if this fits across the page in one line

Spell with Flickr

Southern Cemetery O L C E G

I had previously discovered something like this, but nothing to do with Flickr, and it didn't give as many options for choosing the letters you like etc. This is great, and so easy to use.

Jan and Squawky

Jan and Squawky, originally uploaded by janroberts53.

Ok - It has taken me a long time to get around to working through some more of the 23 Things. I have actually created a Flickr account some weeks ago - but hadn't managed to look closely at the Flickr 'Thing'. So, I've uploaded this image directly from Flickr into my blog. It shows our hand-reared Rainbow Lorikeet Squawky (for obvious reasons) trying to listen in on my conversation. We've had him since about March, when he was a tiny bundle of grey fluff rescued from a fallen tree. He is a delight and keeps us amused with his antics.


Saturday, 1 September 2007

Bill and Salty

Bill and Salty
Originally uploaded by janroberts53
OK - so I needed another photo so I could get some more screen shots! These are the two males in my life - husband Bill and spoilt rotten dog Salty Dog.

Squawky Bird

Squawky Bird, originally uploaded by janroberts53.

Nothing to do with 23 Things - but I've been working through a 'How To Add a Flickr photo your Blog' and I needed a photo to add!

This is our Squawky Bird - rescued when he had only downy fluff after a tree blew down. We've had him for about five months now - and he is a (noisy) delight.