Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Thing 7

Hmm! A post about anything technological!!

I went on to the SitePal site, and began to sign up for a free trail. Didn't proceed though, because I just know I will forget to cancel before 15 days are up, and I wasn't prepared to take the chance that I was going to be billed for the next month - even if it was only $US9.95. I don't really like sites that offer things for free, and then want your credit card details! One of the 'wonders' of technology I guess.
Talking about the wonders of technology - Junita, my hospitality trainer has been venturing into the world of on-line delivery. We have been taking part in the AccessACE trial project. Session 1 went faitrly smoothly - but each session after that the technology let us down a bit. Some people had real trouble with audio. But I'm really pleased to say that the glitches didn't deter the participants - they perservered. Thanks guys! Your SFH certificate will be in the mail soon!


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Sue said...

perserverence are our middle names. When you arfe on to something good you just keep on going.
well done for your patience
Sue B